VST Connections - Outputs & Group/FX - how to?

Hey guys,

I am a complete Newbie to VST. I have been working with whatever sequencer is feeding sounds via analog and converting to digital for a long, long time. However, I have seen the light and I have fallen in love with VSTs.

I am running 10.9.4 Mac Mini, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5, 16 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 and Cubase 7.0.5

Overall picture of what I am trying to do, is that, I would like to have a different output for each virtual instrument and a different group for each audio track to receive those sounds.

Let’s say that I have an instrument track for the snare and another for the high hat.

I would like to make a separate Output called snare and another one called high_hat, followed by something similar for the Group - snare_grp & hh_grp

While the first output & group that I make works fine, the second one does not, which leads me to have to record each audio track separately, instead of being able to route sounds where I can record all of the tracks at the same time.

Also, I have to use snare & snare_grp for all the other instruments.

BTW, under the Outputs tab the Audio Device is set to “Not Connected” in both Outputs and under the Group/FX tab the Output Routing is set to “No Bus” for both Groups.

Thanks in advance

OK, I figured it out.

I am not using the Group/FX at all.

I use the snr_out & hh_out for the instrument track’s out, then I use the snr_out & hh_out for the audio track’s in, followed by Stereo out for the audio track’s out.

Hope that helps someone :slight_smile:

I am getting a lot of crackle sounds when using more than just two tracks.

I have seen you-tubes where composers use up to sixteen tracks and they have an i5. Of course, those where older versions than my 7.0.2.

Is this something that 7.5 addresses? or is this a lack of CPU, memory, etc…

OK, I found out that if I close the mixing console and all other windows (key editor, list editor, etc…), plus the finder windows, control panels, etc… and only have the transport and the main project window, then the crackling sound goes away, which tells me that it is not a Cubase issue.

I guess it is time for me to get an i7.

Let me know if there are known issues with the i7, before next pay day :slight_smile:

Figured out how to use Group/FX:

VST Connections> Add Group - Create your group, e.g. snare_grp and have the Output Routing set to one of your Outputs, e.g. snare_out, followed by making the out of your Instrument track be the snare_grp and the input of the Audio track be the snare_out. Repeat that for each Instrument and Audio track for all your separate outputs and groups

Here is how to remove the crackle sound:

Go into Devices> Device Setup> choose your Audio interface and click on the “Control Panel” button, followed by choosing or selecting the highest Buffer Size available. In my case, this is 2048 Samples for my 2626 Profire

I have sixteen instrument & audio tracks running with no crackle sounds or artifacts

Thanks for being patient with me and I hope this helps someone


Since figuring this out and working with VSTs, I finally tried to record this weekend.

I record one track at a time and, after the twelfth track and half way through the thirteenth track, I have received a “Recording Error: Too many tracks recording.”

How is that possible? I am only recording one track at a time and after I have already recorded twelve and half tracks. WTF?

I have read the posts on this error and I do not meet a majority criteria, but nevertheless, I have tried what they suggested.

I have since recreated the project and I am only using VSTs on two tracks (bass & drums), while the rest of the tracks have been recorded via my Juno Stage - going old school.

It’s ironic, that I started working with VSTs because a colleague was making fun of how I am living in the stone age and I should use VSTs :slight_smile:

I have attached the screen shot showing that I have successfully recorded 12 1/2 tracks via VST instrument tracks.