VST Connections related to Proyect

Hi, is there a way to make Cubase save VST connections with proyect ???

Its weird and make no sense to me open 2 proyects with differents vst connections and lost connections… Yes, of course, I can save a preset, and write on paper “Song x - Preset x”. The questions is > why I need to write this ?

Maybe recall a “vst connection preset” when opening a proyect could fix this in easy way.

Its simple to add this feature, please Steinberg !!

Anyway I preffer vst connections related to proyect and no to cubase.



Every project is saved with the VST Connection settings.


I´m missing something ? I re-checked this, for example:

Working with Proyect1, with external FX. Close this proyect.
Open Proyect2, re arrange vst connections, external FX for this proyect. Close this proyect.
Open Proyect1 again and I lost my FX externals and some inputs/outputs. Need to setup this again manually. External FX still there but without inputs/outputs assigned.

No problem if I work with differents proyects and the same configuration. But for example , when I open a proyect from another studio, and then, open mine again I lost all my configuration.


Oh, you are right! External FX works like this. It looks like “global” settings. But I know, Inputs and Outputs are saved with the project.

Operation_Manual.pdf, page 26:
The bus configuration is saved with the project – therefore it is a good idea to add and set up the busses you need and save these in a template project (see “Save as Tem- plate” on page 51).

When you start working on new projects, you start from this template. That way you get your standard bus config- uration without having to make new bus settings for each new project. If you need to work with different bus config- urations in different projects, you can either create several different templates or store your configurations as presets (see “Presets” on page 29). The templates can of course also contain other settings that you regularly use – sample rate, record format, a basic track layout, etc.