VST Connections & TR-8 & TB-3


First time poster and really lost in setting my new gear up.
Here’s my profile: I’m currently running Cubase 7.5.20 (64 bit) on a 2013 32GB iMac. I have an Edirol FA-66 as my main sound card which is connected via firewire to the iMac through a Thunderbolt adaptor, a Novation Remote SL keyboard as my main midi keys, and newly purchased Roland TB-3 & TR-8.

Here’s my problem: I’ve always used soft-synths and this is the first time I’ve ever connected any external hardware to my setup (TB-3 & TR-9).
I’m aware I have to setup both of these devices with my sound-card in OSX ‘Aggregate Setup’ and everything is good there.
I’m also aware one has to setup each external device in Cubase’s ‘VST-Connections’ panel, and this is where I’ve hit a brick wall.
I’ve never had to set up anything here and to be really honest, I’m utterly lost!

I need to know a few things:

  1. What are the settings for inputs, outputs & external devices, all found in the VST-Connection panel?
  2. When all of this has been set up, do I open instrument tracks or midi tracks - or both?
  3. Is it imperative to setup the Aggregate devices before all of this?
  4. How would I setup the TR-8 so all it’s separate outputs (13, I think) are in their own channels in Cubase?

Many thanks.

In the same boat…