vst connections

im trying to route the master out out of channels 3 and 4 of my soundcard that go to a sub. How do i get this to work, i see a speaker on the main stereo mix 1&2, but not 3&4, or a volume to turn 3&4 up and down?

Read the chapter on VST Connections in the manual. It’s not too long and will get you started. Basically you must add additional busses to access the additional outputs on your hardware to route to a sub.

When you understand this chapter, if you have full Cubase, read the chapter on the Control Room for advanced routing.


yes im using full cubase, and did read the chapter on vst connections in the manual.
and did add additional busses, nothing is coming out of 3/4. i will take a look

You have to set all tracks that you want out of 3&4 to that bus. You can change the Main Mix setting via right click in VST Connections.

I think the OP was wanting to send the (indentical) main mix out to two hardware outputs at the same time. I don’t think there’s a way to do this that doesn’t involve creating dummy Group Channels for each output, but if there is, it would answer the question.

A dedicated monitor controller would be the standard method, and some converters’ mixing matrices can also be used as a workaround. I am fortunate enough to have both options at my disposal, but I can still understand wanting a simple way to send a main mix to more than one hardware output without making dummy group channels and daisy-chaining via aux sends.

(Not to hijack the thread, but on a related note, it’s also very reasonable to want the ability to send individual tracks to multiple mixer destinations. It’s a standard feature on even the cheapest analog mixer, and it’s now included in that other bit of production software that Steinberg makes. Any chance that Direct Routing will make it into Cubase? Music people do stems, multing, etc. too!) :wink:

yes varimu thats exactly what im trying to do, and finding it impossible, im coming from reaper daw, where setting something like this is very basic, id also like to see some more direct routing, the routing in cubase seems confusing. however im getting along greatly in cubase and am already loving the feel of producing in it again. just have to jump over a few learning curves to get swinging with it

so for sake of clearing this up there is currently no way to send master out of 1/2 & 3/4 at the same time? without having to create 2 tracks for each sound, and send one through each?
but that would make the render still render 2 tracks right? i think this needs to be at the master routing level, not individual track channel, any1 agree? or perhaps theres still something that can be done?

(a hi jack myself, …when i changed the “preset” in the “vst connections” i lost all the sound for my project??? now i cant gett it back???

Cubase does not have the direct track routing that Reaper has. No VST 2 sidechaining without tortuous routing.


thanks como, maybe someone will chime in with an answer to this.

Certainly one answer is the ‘Virtual’ Control Room, which permits up to 4 separate monitors … each can be anywhere from mono up to 5.1 surround (or maybe 7.1 surround?), depending how you set up. Each monitor channel has access to the whole mix or any selected subset of it.

Have you read about it? Chapter 15, page 172 in the Operations Manual. It permits switching between either your 1/2 or 3/4 outs or outputing all at the same time on the two ‘monitors.’ You’d simply have to learn how to configure them.

This is what I use for making submixes for recording, for example sending just a click and drums to a keyboardist, etc.


ok, now after figuring out the control room mixer a litle bit more, i find it confusing now everytime i start a new project with one of the cubase default settings, my main monitor outs are not set to anything, then when i go into change them, for some reason the midi track i had enabled becomes disabled when i jump to that screen.