VST Content location - Steinberg Library Manager

I keep all of Steinberg’s VST Content on a separate drive, either by moving the files manually and then registering In-Place with Steinberg Library Manager, or moving them from inside that app.

However, Dorico seems to disregard the Library Manager registration - it immediately writes the files back onto the OS drive. It also doesn’t respect the registration just made by Library Manager - “Essential component hasn’t been found” is displayed if these files are removed - despite the fact that all content has been successfully registered and there are now large duplicate files on the system.

I am downloading the GASE content now (6.15 GB) and wondering what to do if the same issue will happen.

Is there a way to properly migrate VST Content that Dorico installs? Thanks

Dorico itself doesn’t move any installed content on your computer – it’s simply got no mechanism to do that. Even Steinberg Library Manager will only do that when prompted.

We have asked @Ulf to weigh in on this topic, but it definitely sounds to me as if the content is not properly registered in the location to which you have moved it.

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Yes, the best way of dealing with content files is: Let the installer put it to the default location and then afterwards move it with the Library Manager. Everything else will just result in chaos sooner or later.

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@dspreadbury you are right - in actual fact, the VST Content in question likely belongs to HALion, not Dorico. Should I update the title of the post?

The issue, however, is that I moved all Steinberg VST Content to a dedicated drive a long time ago. All the subsequent updates have worked flawlessly too - updating the path that the Library Manager specifies. However, as of Dorico 5 (and very likely - as of Halion 7 that I didn’t both with until now), everything seems to get written to this location:


Whatever I do to move these files doesn’t work - they are always restored to this location and now I have a ton of duplicates. Whatever module is doing it, it’s ignoring the fact that the Library Manager already recognized and registered these files in their new location. @Ulf - what can I do? Should I redownload to recreate defaults and then move them all over again? Thanks

@ebrooks , you say everything ends up again in the default location. But take a close look , is it really the originals or just symbolic links?
Because what LibraryManager does, it moves out the files to another location, but creates symbolic links in the original location.
There might be plenty of those symbolic links, but they are really tiny compared to the real content files.

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Thanks, @Ulf.

Yes, there are the symlinks as well as the actual sound files. Here’s an example:

It’s not a big deal considering all you have to deal with during the launch and I do apologize for taking your time.

I have a small drive for the OS and would prefer to avoid the mess and the duplicates. By the way, I just tried to move the files once again using the Library Manager - despite the fact that they are already registered in the new location. Some files moved but the duplicates such as this example are back in ProgramData.

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Well, it could also have to do with the new MediaBayService, which is now running as a global service also for Cubase and other Steinberg products. Before everyone had it’s own database, now there is only one which gets shared . We have to find out.
But it is true, we are currently quite busy here in dealing with others problems, like crashes or Dorico not starting up. In that way, it would be good if you could come back later, maybe in a week or so, and then I’m happy to take a deeper look. Thank you very much for your understanding.


Dear @Ulf thank you so much - and of course, I completely agree that the launch is a priority. I’ll change the post title, tags and will ping you in a couple of weeks.

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