VST & CPU performance any improvements?

1. Any info on VST & CPU performance improvements?
Did anyone compared project from 8.5(or older) version and opened it in Cubase 9 version?

  1. Is GUI any better, feeling smoother without glitches or VST spikes while editing/scrolling/zooming parts?

I’m afraid that new version might be buggy and perform worse then 8.5 - which is quite stable and I’m happy about it. Remember how we had to wait for 8.5.20 update to resolve some of those GUI/Performance issues. :cry:

There is no trial version (yet) to test it on my system so any input from people who tried C9 will be appreciated! :smiley:

All good here. 8.5 was a nightmare for me, almost unusable. 9 is running smooth - not hung up yet.
I think maybe the plug in sentinel has made the difference for me.


I have one project which maxed out cpu in 8.5 and (just) doesn’t in 9 with the same settings. So there is some improvement for me.

Seems there are opposite reports. Some MAC users report much better VST/CPU usage with Asio Guard on, while some report GUI sluggishness.
Any more input please before buying… I’m itchy here :slight_smile:

I think Cubase is really snappy. I´m on Mac OS Sierra.

I wish SB were more forthcoming about any changes that were made in this area.