VST crackles & pauses play back


I have this issue that comes and goes. When playing a project the are sometimes pauses, crackles and poor sound. I think this is somehow related to the VSTs because the noise occurs when it reaches the introduction of a VST sound. This is true of Halion or other VSTs. Sometimes when I have played through a tune a few times it, this improves the sound quality, but sometimes not. It may also be worse on larger projects with many tracks, but I am not sure of this.

Does anyone have any thought what might be causing this and how to improve it?


Increase Buffer Size od your Audio Device, please.

thanks for your reply Martin. The reason for my slow reply to this is that I have been still trying to sort out the issue. I went to the Control Panel in Device Setup, tried various in System Performance and Application Priority but still the issue remained - it may have improved it a bit but still crackling sounds.

I then thought perhaps the ‘Audio Device’ you mean is either the Lexicon I-Onix U42s (which there seems to be little I can do to that) and within the RealTek Audio. I tried to research Audio devices and buffer sizes but that did not ultimately help me much.

I then realised that I don’t really know what I am doing. Part of the steps of learning, I now know I don’t know :slight_smile:

Can you please offer any more advice on increasing the buffer size? If this is within the Asio settings in Cubase, what would be a recommended setting?

thanks for your patience.


Open Devices > Device Setup > VST Auio System. Make sure Lexicon I-Onix is selected as an ASIO Driver here.

Under the VST Audio System on the left side, click to the ASIO Driver name (i.e. Lexicon ASIO). On the right side, click to the Control Panel. Here increase the Buffer Size/Latency value.

The final latency depends on your system.

I would recommend you to search for the Cubase 7 QuickGuide video tutorials, which are available on official Steinnerg YouTube Channel. The Chapter Nr. 2 is about this settings.

You can also use LatencyMon utility to test your system.

that is great advice, I will go look at the video and Latencymon. thank you