VST don't show up in the Playback Template Dialog

Hello everyone,

I just now bought Dorico and still have to figure out a couple of things. My biggest problem currently is getting any kind of VST working. I have HALion, of course, and also bought NotePerformer some time ago for my copy of Sibelius.
I read everywhere that in order to get them working, you have to go to Play>Playback Templates, which I did. However, neither NotePerformer nor HALion showed up in the list, and yes, I made sure I installed them.

I run Dorico Pro 3 on a 2015 MacBook Pro running MacOS Mojave.

Thanks a bunch in advance!

There’s a pinned thread about NotePerformer at the top of the forum. Read it and follow the instructions.

But it’s not only Noteperformer, RacoonRecords also can’t get HALion Sonic going.

Therefore, please create a new project from piano template and then do Help > Create Diagnostic Report.
That creates a zip file on the Desktop, please attach here.

As a matter of fact, following the steps in the article pianoleo mentioned seems to have fixed my issues with HALion as well. I’m not entirely sure why, but all the same, everything’s working now. Thank you very much for your support!