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Thanks to the Covid problem, I recently started to record Jazz, Country, Blues, and Rock and Roll, which are the styles I play in gigs. I don’t have any interest in Hip-hop, EDM, Funk, or any of the other electronic styles. I’m looking for a really good drum plugin to buy with lots of excellent MIDI styles and samples for my listed styles. I own BIAB but its drum kits and styles are all in a stereo waveform. You can’t do much with effects on individual parts of the kit. I also own a Yamaha Genos and it has lots of excellent styles but it is a performance and play at home machine, which means the samples are not optimized for recording. I thought that I could use its MIDI patterns for each drum part and remap them to a different sample from Groove Agent SE but that’s a lot of work. I know there are lots of excellent plugins but I always end up with about 80% of genres I never use, which is of NO value to me.

Does anyone have some suggested ideas for drum loop plugins that would be of value to me? I’m using Cubase Artist 8, which has the basic drum plugin Groove Agent SE but as mentioned, there’s little in that plugin that is useful to me.


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I have used Toontrack’s EzDrummer forever. You can purchase drum types for the styles you like.

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Thanks, Prock. Those are great tracks and samples - some of the best I’ve heard!

EZ Drummer is a no brainer considering what you are looking for there.

It has a TAP to find which allows you to tap in the rhythm and it will show you MIDI loops by percentage that are closest to what you tapped in. Also with each add on EZ Expansion Drum kit you buy, each one of those comes with MIDI loops as well

They have a crazy amount of MIDI loops available.

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Yes sir

BTW, I have:
Superior 3

AD2 would be my second choice as far as midi libraries goes
*AD2 and EZ2 work as stand alone apps as well if you need that