VST "E edit" button not responding

Hi all,
Very excited about Dorico 4! Having some issues with VST’s though. When I load up Kontakt 6 (which is VST3 I believe) and click the E edit button to choose a sound nothing happens. Any ideas? It automatically showed up in the dropdown menu which is promising, but have been trouble beyond that.

update: I’ve noticed that the same is true for Massive, and other Native Instrument plugins. Keyscape and Opus (EastWest) work fine.

What platform are you running on, @jdeignan? If the plug-in is showing up in the menu but its interface isn’t appearing, that would suggest you’re not running on an M1 Mac, but perhaps you are: if you are running on an M1, please see pages 51 and 52 of the Dorico 4 Version History PDF for more info.

If not, please do Help > Create Diagnostic Report and attach the resulting zip file here so we can take a look and see what might be going on.

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I am running M1 and yes that was the exact issue. Thanks so much!

Hi Daniel, when I open the VST window for the first time it’s glued to the upper left of the screen, and I have to resize it to get the close button. Pressing the ‘e’ again doesn’t close it. Is this the intended behavior?

Windows 11

It is expected that the VST plug-in window will open top left, yes; that’s what the audio engine has always done, so far as I can recall.

But now it opens with the title bar off the screen. It has to be resized to get the title bar in order to close it…


I have the same problem with the VST window. I usually open it only to connect to a VE Pro instance, then immediately close it. Now closing it requires moving or resizing the window so the “close” button is visible. Was not this way in version 3.5.

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I guess @Ulf will know what the reason for this change in behaviour in the audio engine might be.


As long as Ulf might be seeing this, I also have a common problem of the VST window opening behind Dorico, so that I have to minimize Dorico to see it. It’s something I can live with, because I don’t open the VST window much except during Setup of a project or template.

The VST audio engine is a separate process, and unfortunately it’s frowned upon in the operating system for one application to force another application to the front, so there’s nothing we can really do about that.

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yes, I’m getting the same in certain circumstances. I hadn’t got round to working out how best to reproduce it but it’s definitely new in D4.

Ehm, to be honest, this is new to me. Must be a bug somehow. I wonder that no beta tester reported that before.

normal behaviour is that window first opens top left corner with title bar and subsequently wherever it last was if you drag it. Typically, I can’t just now reproduce the situation where a window opens stuck to the top left without the title bar which is what @wcreed is describing and what I find annoying (that the window doesn’t always open to the front is not an issue for me and unchanged from previous versions) but when I come across it again, I’ll certainly report it.

I get the same results too. It’s only the first time opening the VST for me as after I resize it to close, it appears correctly with the title bar.

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That’s the interesting thing; once you’ve open an instrument, resize, moved and close it, it will always open in the last position. Even after a reboot.

And for me, it then opens on top on the Dorico window/