Vst edit instrument panel problem

I have a problem with a vsti called Fender Precision Bass DVI in Cubase. I have been in contact with the company selling the DVI and it should work fine in Cubase. The instrument is active in the project, but now I cant open the edit instrument panel window for this vsti. It worked fine until now. I can open this panel in a couple of projects I have not been working on lately, but it wont open in the projects I am now working on. Very strange I think. You know, when you click the “edit instrument” button, this panel should appear. This button is yellow meaning that the panel is open, but it does not show up. Anyone else have had this problem with a vsti, or know what to do with it?

Maybe it’s popped off the screen? try resizing the screen?

I have this same problem with editing windows in 5.1…did you solve the problem?