VST Effects

What stock effect plugins does VST Live come with? Are these the same / a subset of those in Cubase?

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Have a look in the VST Live section of the Steinberg download assistant. It displays exactly what’s included.

Thanks Steve - but that’s the VST instruments, rather than the effects. I’ve read the manual too, but there’s no info on this.

Oh, sorry Dean - going to fast with my reading!

I would post the list of FX in my install of VST Live, but I can’t really tell which license is activating the plugins – Cubase Pro or VST Live.

So we’ll have to wait for one of the devs to respond.

No worries Steve.

I have Cubase Pro - so it’s interesting if resources from Cubase can be utilised with VST Live.

I’ll be interested in hearing from the developers, as you suggest.

… oh, I guess the list is missing on the product side. I’ll inform the colleagues. meanwhile here’s the list. The plugs are the same as in Cubase/Nuendo.

. Mono Delay
. PingPing Delay
. Stereo Delay
. Amp Simulator
. Distortion
. VST Amp Rack
. VST Bass Amp
. Compressor
. EnvelopeShaper
. Gate
. Limiter
. Brickwall Limiter
. Maximizer
. VinatageCompressor
. Tube Compressor
. VSTDynamics
. StudioEQ
. DualFilter
. ToneBooster
. WahWah
. MorphFilter
. AutoPan
. Chorus
. Flanger
. Phaser
. Rotary
. Tremolo
. Vibrato
. Octaver
. Roomworks
. Roomworks SE
. Tuner

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Thank you Michael.