Vst engine not found!

Hi, I have a very old version of cubase vst 4.1 on a Power Macingtosh G3 and Loads of cubase song files and Vst instruments. However, when I open one of these songs, It says ’ Externalizer Installation Error: File Vst Engine not found…Although I do have a file called VST engine?? Can anyone help?

Where is your VST engine file? It may not be in the search path of your program when it is initializing. Maybe make sure it is the same folder as your program dll file. If still no luck, do a re-install of VST 4.1 and it should put it in the right path. If you have preferences that you’d like to keep, you can make a separate copy of your preference folder.

Thanks for getting back. At the Moment The Vst engine file is just in the Cubase 4.1 file. What do you mean by the same folder as the dll file?

The dll files are the driver files. I couldn’t tell you how to navigate there on a Mac because I’m a PC guy. On my setup, in the Cubase file, there’s a folder called “components”. My VST plug manager is in that folder as a dll file. I would assume that is the VST engine. The terminology may be a little different being that mine is the Studio 5 version. My oldest version is VST 5 but I don’t have it installed on this computer.

It’s strange, but my Cubase 4.1 folder doesn’t have a Components folder…Would It be called anything else?

Okay, So I just moved the Vst engine file to the Spactral Design Plugs and It does not come up with the warning sign…Although it doesn’t play any of the vst’s and It doesn’t play even any of the Midi instruments…The only sound that I can get on my Cubase is the Neon Plugin and the VB plugin?

Are all your other plugs & effects in the same folder as Neon & VB? If not, try putting them there.

Sure…I’ll Try that now.

I can’t seem to find the Vst’s. Would you know what the Plugin extensions are called?

All the plugin drivers are .dll extensions.

I think those plugin’s are only for PC…I tried to put a .dll file into the Neon and VB folder and nothing happened?

.dll file drivers should be the same for both platforms. You may have to create another pathway in Cubase so that it sees those files.


How would you do that?

Devices/Plugin Information/Plugin Paths

It worked:D Thanks so much:) That was a great help :wink:

Glad you broke through. Good luck!

Thanks, see you around the forum:)