VST evolution modern nylon

Dear Dorido community

I am looking to buy a guitar vst library that works in dorico. I am really interested in buying the “evolution modern nylon” from orange tree (https://www.orangetreesamples.com/products/evolution-modern-nylon), does anyone have succesfully used this vst with dorico?

I already had the strummed accoustic from NI but it does not work in dorico and before buying this one, I really want to make sure I will not have problems, for example, does it handdle strumming patterns? does only work with individual notes? does it work at all?

Thank you very much for your help



Any VST instrument that relies on tempo information being passed to the plug-in from the host won’t work with Dorico at present. That might be an important thing to ask the developers (whether they require tempo information from the host) before you buy.