VST Expression 2 and MIDI recording

I guess I’m still able to record usual MIDI controller data and see them on a controller lane in the key editor.

Now, can I copy this controller data onto a single note, or applying it to multiple notes at once, for later editing? Or can I record MIDI controller data directly for a note without? How is recording of MIDI controller data done, and how is this linked with the note controller data for easy editing, if ever?

What about sounds that have a decay phase after a midi note off event? Can this “controller editor window” for a note extended over the note boundaries???

What I’m asking myself is: why is such a feature only be implemented for MIDI notes? I think about automation for an audio event here. I hate these separate automation lanes. I’d rather have one lane with the waveform and one or more (custimzable) automation lanes directly on top of an audio event. Wrapped in an “automation data event box” similar to this "midi note controller editor window, extendable over the boundaries of an audio event box, linked to the audio event box so that it (and its content) moves accordingly when the audio event is moved and so on…