Vst expression changing articulation

Is there a way to change an articulation for a note once it’s been recorded without deleting the note?

So for example record a passage with various key switches played in in real time. Then go into the editor and change one from Stacc to legato (for example)

The only way I can seem to do it is to delete the art (which deletes the corresponding note) and input it again.

Yes… you can change an (attribute-type) articulation via the Info Line. (If you don’t see an “Articulations” header in the Info Line, right-click on a blank space, to customize what is visible there).
The one thing that cannot be done in the Info Line, as regards attribute-type articulations, is to set the selected note’s articulation to “None”… in order to do that, simply click on the articulation event in its lane, using the pencil tool again.

Excellent. Thanks Vic :slight_smile:

How are you keeping by the way?

(I’m fine, thanks :slight_smile: )