VST Expression not working

Hi guys,

I’m not sure if I’m doing this wrong. When working w/ midi, let’s say I use track automation for volume to go from high volume to low volume, but then one of the notes I want to do the opposite (low volume to high volume). I try to use VST expression on the single note, while using track automation for the other notes, but it doesn’t work. Only one of the automations take over the ENTIRE track!

It’s been this way since Cubase 6 for me. So I’m not sure what to do.

If anyone can let me know how to accomplish this, I’d be grateful! Using Kontakt to run sample libraries is what I’m doing this with.


That is normal behavior, I’m afraid… The Automation is like using a master volume control knob
Your options are
a) Do everything, including that one note, by automation.
b) “Break” the automation line, using Virgin Territory at the position of that one note (with its VST Expression)
c) Play that one note from a different slot (i.e. MIDI channel) in Kontakt

Thanks for the reply. So option c) means I would have to make a new midi track in Cubase as well, right?

Yes. (Obviously, I don’t know the end result you are trying to achieve, so I have no idea which would be the best solution :wink: ). Would you want to have some earlier notes still sustaining quietly while this one note is loud? (in which case, option C is probably the only way).