VST Expression problems with VSL

hello everybody,

Am I the only one to encounter the problems with VST expressions with VSL ?
I have a project that start with harmonics articulation, the first note doesn’t sounds like harmonic only the second note sounds right, I use VST exp. since the begining, so it isn’t a question of missyncro…
Anybody have the same problem ??
Thank You,


I have come across a similar issue, when using Cubase and VSL (within VE Pro networked), sometimes I find that the first articulation doesn’t change. I have never established if this is Cubase not sending it or VSL for some reason ignoring it, I can’t prove it at this stage, but I reckon it is Cubase failing to send the controller data (I use CC rather than keyswitches for my control of articulations).

So, 59 users saw this message and we are only two to suffer this misfunction… I returned to C 5.5.3

I’m afraid I can’t help you much but I don’t have any problems with VST Expression and VSL and I haven’t experienced the problem you describe. But I made my own expression maps for my VSL libraries, maybe that’s why it works. Do you use the expression maps provided by VSL? Maybe there is something wrong with them.
Could it be a problem with chasing? Are you on 6.00 or 6.01? In 6.00 only articulations on midi channel 1 are chased correctly but this issue has been resolved in 6.01. There has also been a bug with VST Expression when using track delay, do you happen to use some track delay?
Another idea: do you use the regular Vienna Instruments or Vienna Instruments Pro? I only use Vienna Instruments Pro at the moment and haven’t worked with the regular Vienna Instruments in Cubase 6 yet, maybe that’s the reason why it works for me.

Just curious, but why do you use Control Changes instead of keyswitches for changing articulations? Or did you mean Program Changes? I would imagine it to be quite difficult to change reliably between 7 or 8 or even more articulations with a knob or a fader.

hello Parnasso,

You made VST expressions yourself , so , may be the VST expressions VSL made were only for Cubase 5… I re installed C5 and my buggy exemple works . the exemple consists in a 2 notes strings harmonics , only the second worked.
i send the cpr to cubase tech support, i will know if there is a VSL or Cubase problem, and , of course, hope someone will fix it . :smiley:

I recall VSL posting new VST expression maps to make them compatible for Cubase 6, not long ago.

Expression Map Special Edition (Cubase 5 & 6) 194.4 KB 2011-01-18 doesn’t work…

Hi folks,
so it’s one year and some updates later, and STILL the same problem! First note articulation is not recognized. Plus: sometimes it even ignores ALL the expressions when the song is played. When I select a single note, though, the correct articulation is shown and played back. But when I play the entire part, no expressions are recognized. It seems, nobody pays much attention to Cubase expression maps with VSL.

… just tried it with Cubase 5 (more precisely 5.5.3): it works as it should! Articulations are recognized from the very first note on.
So I guess I have to forget the money spent on Cubase updates 6 and 6.5 and return to 5 in order to use Expression maps. It’s a pity. And a shame, too.