VST Expression - some issues, can anyone reproduce?


still feel like I should post this in the Cubase forum… well, I can´t… no permissions.

So I hope someone can help here:

I recently started out using VST expressions in combination with Vienna Instruments (I find the concept of VSTe is truly amazing), but I have some rather severe graphic issues which might be related to my hardware… or a graphic bug. So I need someone to confirm this /help to reproduce.

I found some short threads on the old cubase forum so it seems I am not the only one who has these issues

Blackened expression directions (the black only goes away when zooming in or out)

Expression directions not being chased
was mentioned on the old Nuendo forum here
and on Cubase forum here

I tried trashing the preferences, reinstalling, updating graphics cards drivers with no result.
I am on Windows 7 x64, N5.1.0 x64, Grapics card Nvidia Geforce 9600 GT, Dual Xeon 8-Core

Anyone found a workaround? Or is there some info on an upcoming fix…?
Thanks in advance.

Am I the only one here using VST Expression…? I guess I´d already gotten 10 responses at the Cubase forum at this time, too bad the forum permissions are missing :frowning: Well then, on to sending an email to support instead.

You’re the only other one VST Expression!

Unfortunately, they don’t chase which makes them next to useless. I’ll bet they chase in Cubase 6 long before Nuendo.


thanks, fellow VST Expression user - yes, the chasing is a bit unreliable, wouldn´t say totally useless but there is room for improvement. The graphics issues with VSTe in the key editor definitely need some fixes, so any word on improvements in SEQ6 generation from the mods? The concept of VSTe is really cool, no more “manual” keyswitches, articulations showing up in notation editor, exporting the arrangement to XML, open in Finale… works well.

Unfortunately, although I am using “Cubase Music Tools” with Nuendo I can´t post this in the Cubase forum where I could expect more answers. :open_mouth: Filed a support ticket though.

I loved the idea of expression too and tried using it. It works, but there were some problems (some graphical) so I kind of left it alone until the next update. Hopefully 6 fixed these bugs, though I can’t quite remember what the exact issues were for me. One was graphical for sure, like you mentioned, in the key editor.

It would be interesting to get feedback from SB if some of the reported issues got already fixed in Cubase 6.
Anyway I sent a support ticket several days ago but no response so far…

in case anyone is interested, chasing seems to be fixed in C6 according to a user