VST Expressions: Latch mode not working as expected?


I´ve setup a VST expression so that it sends prog chges from keys starting on C7. I ticked the latch mode cause i want the current articulation to keep playing until i hit another keyswitch (thus sending a different prog chag).

I noticed that if i start the recording and hit my first keyswitch, lets say D7 (which corresponds to pg chg number 3) and i hit stop BEFORE the midi sequence has played completely, then the Expression map will go back to C7 by itself at the point where i stopped the playback. So in order to make all the notes on the sequence playing by the articulation triggerd with D7 i have to wait until the sequence gets played entirely which is quite time consuming.

In other words, i´d like this to work as a regular keyswitched kontakt patch, where you send the keyswitch and from then on all the notes play with this articulation, it wont change back to the first or any other keyswitch available in the patch.

Am i doing something wrong? Can this behaviour be changed?

no one?

Do you mean that your are overdubbing the VST Expression? (and if so, are you merging that with the original track, or a new track, routed to the same instrument?)
I’m a bit confused, because…
a) If you are overdubbing, there has to be at least one “real” note in the recording, otherwise the VST Expression is ignored anyways.
b) If you are recording all in one pass (i.e. notes and VST Expression), then I don’t understand what you mean by “I hit stop BEFORE the midi sequence has played completely” (because hitting Stop" stops the recording… so the sequence is, ipso facto, “complete”)
(I’m just trying to follow your recipe, but not understanding the circumstances in which it is going wrong for you)

Other questions…

  1. Is your map using “Attribute”-type or “Direction”-type articulations?
  2. What do the VST Expression events look like in the Key Editor (at the point where you stopped recording them)?

Hi vc_france,

Thanks for pointing this out. I changed Attribute to Direction and it worked as expected!


(that suggestion was more by good luck than anything else! :smiley: )

heheh! You should play lottery today…just in case! :slight_smile:

LOL :smiley: