VST file not found

I migrated from Sonar to Cubase PRO 9.5 last month. Pretty cool so far. But when I am loading Halion Sonic SE, Dark Planet and some other synths, I get the popup error:

  • VST Sound Library “Macro Page for Anima” not found

The file not found is

  • C:\users\me\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg\Content\HALion\VST Sound\FCP_SMT_225_HS_Anima_MP_01.vstsound

The file is nowhere in my computer storage. I click “ignore” each time because I’m hesitant to remove it without knowing the consequences. Is this a file no longer used? Is this something I can get somewhere, somehow?

It’s getting old seeing this Thanks in advance for the reply.

Updating to Cubase 9.5.20 should fix this. It includes the latest version of Halion Sonic SE.


Sorry if I killed a few programmers. lol

I tried to reinstall content, etc, and that file error went away, but I got another 4 or 5 different file errors in it’s place. Frustrating.

Got with Sweetwater tech support and he walked me through a couple of HALion reinstalls. At least for now, there are no more errors

BTW, just found out that Gibson sold Cakewalk Sonar to BandLabs. Sonar lives. I’ll keep it, but I’m liking Cubase.