VST files

I have cubase elements 7 and would like to import old VST files. Ik know this can be done by loading them in cubase sx3, covert them to .cpr, etc.

With a e-license for cubase 4/5, cubase sx3 will work, but it seems it does not work with the license for cubase elements 7 (not really a surprise). Is there a way to solve this or is there another workaround ?

Would be nice if somebody could help, even if the answer is “not possible” (saves useless search time).


Cubase Elements is on the same level, as Cubase SE 3 was. You should be able to run Cubase SE 3 with your Cubase Elements license. Then do the same process, as it is described with Cubase SX 3, please.

Thanks for your advise.

However, I can install se3, but whenI try to start it the elicenser shows my elements 7 license, but does not accept it for starting se3.

Is there something additional I have to do ?