VST for cubase 5 le

I have just purchased a Tascam US-122 mk II interface, which came with cubase 5 le. I am now looking to add to the VST instruments but am not sure what will work with my software. Having browsed the steinberg downloads pages, I can’t see any VST content that specifies compatibility with cubase le 5. Can anyone suggest anything please?

Cubase LE 5 should be compatible with any plug-in using the VST stardard.
Make sure you have a look at some of the freeware VST instruments available. Google “free VST”.

I’m reinstalling my TASCAM US-122 mk II mic/input interface, which came with cubase le 5; I’m still having trouble getting a level feedback when I test the microphones, even though I can hear my voice on the microphone.
I cannot seem to get consistent recording, or playback.

I’m running Windows Vista.