VST Go Crashing

I am experiencing an issue with VST Go crashing on my iPad. The first time I opened it up and logged in, all was well. I create a new project, recorded a track, and sync’d. I closed the application and opened the project in Cubase Pro 10.5. I recorded a second track and sync’d the project again. No problems. I then went back to my iPad and the project was no longer in the project list. I tried logging in again (same credentials) and then the project appeared. When I went to open the project, a dialog box said “Opening project…” at the bottom, then a “click” sound, and then the application crashed. This happened over multiple attempts and I have not been successful at opening the project in the app.

Any thoughts? I’m using:

iPad running iPadOS 13.4.1
VST Transit Go

I really love this tool if I can get it to work. I saw this issue in an earlier forum post, but it was from a prior year and I didn’t see a more recent update regarding it. Thanks!

Same happened to me.

An update is due shortly, sorry for the inconvenience.