VST HALion Insrument Tracks Changing Involuntarily to Rack


This is driving me crazy, and stressing out 30 GCSE students, 2 weeks before their compositions are due:

When I copy their work, to assess at home, I find, when I bring back the file that all the instruments selections are missing from the tracks [tracks were set up as instrument tracks]. When I, or a student, tries to re-enter the instrument, the rack appears; we NEVER use the rack, as the students (and myself!) are working on a rather basic level, and instrument tracks are more than adequate for us.
When this happens, I cannot find a way to change the track back to the way it was; even worse, when I try to use the Rack to attempt to re-enter Instruments, ALL the tracks change to the instrument I select in the latest track I am changing; it seems to do this even when I assign different MIDI channels for each track.

I’m sure I am missing something quite basic, but can’t find it. I’m new to Cubase, and only using it since January, as that’s what the School has. TO complicate matters further, I am on Cubase Elements LE AI (??!) at home, and the school runs Cubase 7.5 on Windows 7. :open_mouth:
despite this hardware complexity, all has been going well for 3 months-until this week.

Help me Obi Wan Kanobi; you’re my only hope.


I don’t know the reason, and actually I think it’s not possible to convert Instrument Track to the Rack Instrument back and fort. Actually it’s a feature request, some users ask for.

The only one thing, I’m thinking about in this case is the switch between Cubase (Pro) derivative and Cubase Elements. And also the old version (7.5) and new version (8 and higher). In the past (Cubase 7.5), it wasn’t possible to use Instrument track as multi-timbral (ie. route other MIDI tracks to the Instrument and use multiple Channels).

But I wouldn’t export the conversion in this case.

Could you send a screenshot of the same project from both computers, please?