VST Host, creating Combinations

Is there such a thing as the VST Host program used to be? To actually open Cubase
and be able to combine 2-3-4 different plugins into one Midi Channel, for creating
more complex Sounds and stuff, where you can at the same time play the Strings
from Kontakt and Play.


I suppose you could use midi sends? Or is there more you want to do?

How can i use MIDI Sends to do this? I simply want to be able to trigger
2-3-4 VSTi at once from one MIDI Track, as Korg Combination for example
or in whatever terms u use that, Performance?


Route the Midi Send/s to another VSTi or 4 !

Yes they can do this (to answer your next question)

Solved! Thanks!!!

Next problem for you might be to store and recall your combinations. Since I had the same problem: I use

Vienna Ensemble Pro

for this purpose and it works just easy and fine. Just google for it.

Thanks for the Vienna Ensamble tipp, i m also searching for a possibly to save and load quickly a chain of VSTis and VSTs as a Preset, and found that: http://www.kvraudio.com/product/bidule-by-plogue
Has anyone exipriance with both Programs who want to share them? (performance, time to load, sound, finding “sounds” again…)

And might it possible to make a Automation-Parameter of a “chained” plugin available via Midi, and LFOs, Env’s inside the Pluginchainer would be also very nice… the point is one click and all saved/load.

Kore2 (+ Reaktor) = any plugin combination, any audio/midi/automation processing possible, each setup easily stored in a taggable sound database. Discontinued, NI really is crazy :frowning:

Kore2 x32/x64 hosted native in a x32/x64 Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 Server on any machine in the network = easy workload/audio/midi/automation distributing over the network. Setups easily storable/mergeable in VIFRAMEs, saved/restored with the main proejct!

with a Vienna Ensemble Pro 5 x32 or x64 native client plugin in the projects main host (Cubase x32 or x64).

= (nearly) perfect flexible solution :wink:

But ins Vienna Ensamble Pro there are no LFO’s or Env’s… wich you can route on any parameter you want?

what for?

use Kore2. Use Reaktor in Kore2. Modulate whatever you want to. Save everything as a sound.

Have Kore2 in VEPro anywhere in your network and mix all audio channels of Kore2, bridge/transport MIDI/Automation/Audio from your DAW from/to Kore2 on any machine in the network via VEPro5.

Have VEPros audio channels available in Cubase / or send Audio/MIDI/Automation from Cubase to VEPro/Kore2…

Use Kore2 to “form” your sound (consisting of any plugins, any MIDI/Audio/Automation routing/processing)
Use VEPro5 to distribute workload and transport/bridge MIDI/Audio/Automation within your network
Use Cubase to compose.

sry for my bad english…

For example 1 Env for 2 Synths and a Filter? is this possible with ViennaEnsamblePro on its own?


Edit: actually it IS, using Cubase and VEPro5 (no Kore2) a Midi env/lfo generator plugin/midi insert, midi and/or midi<->VST parameter conversion -> VEPro5 -> plugins

It’s even possible with Cubase alone.

But you don’t want to do stacking/chaining this way :wink:

Thank you. Than i will not install the demo of VEP, and for bidule there is no demo :frowning:

But i want to save the whole as a “Trackpresets”, preview of course would be quite cool… [http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=24551i] if we would have this, MidiLoopBackTrick probably wouldn’t work for this, so we would also need something like this:[/i] http://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=24508

Can you say me a good Env Plugin for Cubase64?

Best Regards

What i was thinking is for each Combi to be its own Song Project.