VST index for parameters starts at 0 or 1?

As the title implies I’m not sure if the the VST index for parameters starts at 0 or 1?
I work with JUCE to develop VSTi but everytime I export I get the first paramater of my plugin on the second parameter of the list in the automation track and not on the first one. So I wonder if it’s coming from JUCE, the way I index parameters for the host or from Cubase itself.

The list goes like this:

Thanks in advance for your reply.


Did you ask the Juce support forum?

I’ll try to shift my VST index when I’ll update my plugins and will update this thread, it’s more about how the VST3 sdk is done more than a JUCE specificition.
Thanks and have a great weekend Yvan :wink:

In VST 2 parameters use index starting from 0 to identifying them. In VST 3 each parameter has a unique id (int32 value): Parameters and Automation - VST 3 Developer Portal (steinbergmedia.github.io)

Thanks Yvan, I’ll take a look at it, it’s probably because I indexed the wrong way, it was working for VST2 but for VST3 I have this difference. I should start at 0 not 1.
Thanks for your help!