Vst instrument as effect for audio tracks

Hi all!
Is it possible to use an instrument plugin vst such as Retrologue or third part like Arturia Mini as effect for audio tracks?


I don’t think there is for Retrologue, however many 3rd party VSTI’s have a .dll dedicated for the effect. Check out most of NI VSTI’s… Arturia mini…yes.

You can actually use Retrologues’ (and only Retrologues’ as far as I know) side-chain audio inputs for that.

I think some of current Native Instruments VSTis can be used as effects but not Kontact. Many of it’s fx can be used in Guitar rig though.

re: arturia, again a few (3 I think ?) can be used as effects by routing audio into the “external input” of the synth then setting the synth to hold the gate open. Think it’s stereo tracks only IIRC. Not totally straightforward and not as neat as having a proper effect plugin IMO


Thank you!! I will give a look to that link!

For NI Reaktor is the most useful to use as an Insert on an Audio Track.