VST Instrument Brick Wall

I have a project in Cubase 11 Pro with 73 virtual instruments.

They are not all playing at once through the piece but the audio is dropping out.

There are also plugins in use on some channels and there are 5 auxillary tracks for reverbs, delay and other effects.

The asio meter average is bouncing at the full end of the meter and keeps going over.

The piece is not finished yet and will require the use of more virtual instruments. Some of the VIs are sample libraries.

I don’t want to have to render or “freeze” all the time as I’m still working on composition. How can I get more out of Cubase to allow me to make use of more VIs?

The buffer is already at the max of 2048. I’m asking this because a similar project I worked on in Cubase 7.5 has a lot more VIs and that never stressed the ASIO load average and I could happily have that at a buffer size of 1024.

I’m not stressing the CPU or overall memory load (although it’s tricker to ascertain the latter properly due to memory compression in Windows 10).

The power usage for the Cubase .exe is “very high”.

Latency Monitor shows no problems or issues.

Any help appreciated!