VST Instrument frame goes black


I have a problem with some VST Instruments.
When I want to close the frame of the VST it doesn’t disappear. it just goes black and and it stays there.
I recently updated to OSX El Capitan. Do I need an update from Steinberg?
I use Cubase EL AI Elements 6

Many thanks.

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Cubase 6 is not officialy supported on Mac OS X 10.11. You should upgrade to Cubase Elements 8.

Isn’t it 32-bit plug-in?

I updated to Elements 8 now.
But when I open it, Cubase asks for a license activation code. I did not received any code like this.
Where can I find it?



This is payed upgrade. You can buy the upgrade here (24.99€).

Thit is exactly what I did. I payed for the upgrade.
What seems strange now is that instead of Cubase 6 being updated to Cubase 8, I seem to have both versions now on my mac.
But when I want to open the 8 version I get the question for the activation code.
I found the code by now but I get the notification that it can be used only once!
So 2 questions:
Was the update correct since I have 2 versions?
How to obtain a new activation code?

I thank you a billion!



This is OK, you have 2 versions installed. Cubase 6 and Cubase 8 are 2 independent applications from the system point of view. You upgraded just the license.

The upgrade of the license is independent from the application(s) you have installed. So if there is a message, you have already used the Activation Code, you probably already activated it. Can you see Cubase Elements 8 license in the eLicenser Control Center application, please?

No, Cubase Elements 8 license does not appear in the eLicenser Control Center.
I’ve attached a print screen.
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