VST Instrument List items or Tracks easy Organize, drag drop and more

Hello, I have Cubase 12 Pro version 12.0.52. I use Cubase 12 with Vienna Ensemble Pro 7. Each track is setup to connect to a specific VEP instance. Currently I have setup over 100 of these track connections not rack. The problem overtime is certain instance connections will change and you might want to re-arrange the physical location of the track to be higher or lower in the list. But can can’t drag the list items to rearrange things.

Further more, It is really difficult to delete a VST instrument list item instead of just selecting the VSTI list item and pressing the delete key.

Basically, what I’m asking is this, Does Steinberg have any future plans to make the VST instruments list for Tracks and Racks much more friendly to allow the user to organize the list items and delete? To get more detailed, I was using Racks, then after 64 entries, it wouldn’t let me add anymore. I then started to use tracks instead which works, but again, the VSTi list items are so very difficult and limited on what you can do with drag and drop or a simple insert or delete.

Again, Any future plans to fix this?

Ryan Knaggs


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