VST INstrument loading window vanished

I have noticed since upgrading to 6.5.3 that when I try to access the drop down VST window from the top menu it does not appear. I have to create a track and then click in the output window for that channel and then the structure of the VST plug ins appears and I can select from there. Is this a known bug because it is annoyinf. I can also access from the project/add track pop up where it says No VST selected and if \I click in that window I also get the drop down list of instruments.

Any ideas?

Do you mean that you can’t see the “VST Instruments” panel (F11)?
Sounds like it has been pushed outside of the screen somehow.
I have had a problem once when my transport panel disappeared to the bottom of my screen, and I could find it only after I hid the Windows Taskbar. If this solution doesn’t help, try changing your screen resolution to a bigger scale, then run Cubase and try to open the VST Instruments panel. If you find it, locate it in the center of the screen, close Cubase, change your resolution back to what it was and run Cubase again to see if it solved the problem.

This turned out to be a silly one…!!! I had changed to a single monitor setup and unfortunately I had previously had the window opening up on the right hand monitor which was no longer there…!!! Cubase seemed to remember this and so it was there really and I just had to reset my video driver to single monitor configuration…Oooops