VST Instrument Names

New Cubase pro 9.5 User and my first post — so be easy on me… :slight_smile:

Is there any way for me to rename the drop-down choice of the Best Service VST Engine Instrument to say “Best Service” instead of “Engine 2”?
Is there any way for me to rename the drop-down choice of the the East West VST Instrument to say “East West” instead of “play_VST_x64”?

Also, why don’t those two instruments show up in the Media VST Instruments list with a nice picture?

Not from within Cubase. It could be possible to rename VST2 file names but it may cause other problems like updating the file through an installer later.

Cubase 9.5 doesn’t support this.

Thank you.

Sad. Being able to create Aliases for plugins would be a welcome improvement,

Here’s the feature request thread for it: Plugin Manager - Option to rename plugins - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

This works:
Change name in file “Vst2xPlugin Infos Cubase.xml”

Appears to survive rescan too.

            <member name="Vst2xPlugInfo">
               <obj class="CmTime" name="lastModified" ID="308299072">
                  <int name="Seconds" value="3703721678"/>
               <string name="subCategory" value="Instrument"/>
               <string name="cid" value="565354706C6179706C61795F7673745F"/>
               <string name="editorCid" value="565345706C6179706C61795F7673745F"/>
               <string name="name" value="East West"/>
               <string name="vendor" value="East West"/>
               <string name="sdkVersion" value="VST 2.4"/>
               <string name="vendorVersion" value=""/>
               <int name="latencySamples" value="0"/>
               <int name="canDoublePrecision" value="0"/>
               <int name="audioInputBusCount" value="1"/>
               <int name="audioOutputBusCount" value="9"/>
               <int name="mainAudioInputArr" value="3"/>
               <int name="mainAudioOutputArr" value="3"/>

Good research! Just note that modifications like these are not officially supported.

Duly noted.

Since the plugin manager allows you to look at the details of individual plugins, it seems that would be an ideal place to allow changing the “name” field to something more friendly.

Now I have to discover how I can get my favorites plugin instruments to display in the Media VST Instruments list.
That’s surely a long shot.