VST Instrument Output options greyed out


Has anybody experienced an issue with the output of a VST instrument in either track or rack mode being greyed out like this
Screen Shot 2018-10-25 at 18.48.55.png
Everything was fine previously and I’ve not updated so am not sure what’s going on?

Any help would be welcome.



What Instrument is it? Not all VSTis support this feature.

Hi Martin,

I have also the same question. My instruments are Padshop inserted as track instrument and also my PSR-A3000 as external Synth rack instrument. Both of them have Output options greyed out. I have multiple stereo outputs defined in my Audio Connections ( output). Any idea?


If you defined only one output for PSR-A3000 in the Audio Connections > External Instrument, then there is only one output and you cannot use this feature for PSR-A3000.

I also expect (but not 100% sure about it) Padshop provides one output only too.

If you want to try this feature, HALion Sonic SE does support multiple outputs.