VST instrument outputs

I am new to Cubase Artist 6 (upgrade from C-LE4) and am trying to figure out how the VST instrument rack works.

I loaded Groove Agent One into the rack and enabled two outputs (GAone1, GAone2). I then created two midi tracks one with snare sounds, one with hihat. I directed both to Groove Agent one as the output device. When I do this I get a new tab in the midi track inspector that has the name ‘Groove Agent’ . If I select that tab I can see several sub-tabs one of which says ‘Output’ and allows me to select the GAone1 and GAone2 outputs I enabled.

I directed the snare track to GAone1 and the hihat to GAone2. When playing the project I expected to see the output from each of the two midi tracks on the GAone1 and GAone2 channels in the mixer, but they both play through GAone1 and can’t be mixed independently. I can go into Groove Agent and direct the output of the snare and HH pads to ST1 and ST2 and then the midi tracks play separately through the GAone1 and GAone2 outputs, but I did not think that should be necessary.

How does the ‘Output’ sub-tab in the VST insturment tab in the inspector work? What is it used for? The example of this aspect of the VST instrument on p.208 of the manual does not show this tab.

Some plugs require the additional outs to be enabled both places, as you experienced.

That is what is necessary. What is not necessary is to create different MIDI tracks for Snare and HH

“Some plugs require the additional outs to be enabled both places, as you experienced.”

Actually, my experience was that the ‘Output’ setting under the VST instrument tab in the midi track made no difference. The only setting that mattered was the output setting made in the Groove Agent instrument itself. Hence, my question about what the ‘Output’ setting was about. Maybe it will matter in another VST instrument.

I just tried two midi tracks working through Halion SE and experienced the same thing. The output is controlled by the setting in the Halion GUI, but the ‘Output’ sub-tab in the inspector seems to have no function.