VST Instrument Rack presets

Hello everybody,

I’am wondering if there is a way to create a preset for a VSTi (Steven Slate Drums 4) so every time I load the SSD4 player in the instruments rack, It loads with 3 mono and 3 stereo outputs in cubase 7.0.2??

It’s a pain having to load the instrument and then enable every output in the instruments rack manually.


Don’t use that VSTi, though should it be an instrument preset saved in drum kit VSTi with desired outputs?

Of course you could always set it up as you want and then save as a user template, would be there every time you load that template. then save the project with a different name so as to not overwrite your original user template.

When I create an instrument preset, the VSTi loads with the desired outputs inside, the problem is that only one track is created, and I have to manually enable the outputs in the VST rack so Cubase creates the desired number of tracks.

Project templates work fine but when I want to load the instrument in an already created project, I have to enable the tracks one by one.

Don’t know if I’am missing something or if this is the normal behavior of multi output instruments presets??