VST Instrument Sets Explained, Solving Problems

Solving Problems with VST Instrument Sets

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This is how to get your VST Instrument Set running and use it:

1.First you must download and install the product. Please check your order confirmation for instructions on how to download and install the product. For Windows I would recommend to install all your Steinberg products as “administrator” and check “For All Users” in the installer. Then you should also make sure to run Cubase as Administrator. This is to avoid content and user rights issues in Windows.
If your download is not available anymore, please find the VST Instrument Sets for download here as well:

2.Now you still have to enter your 32- digit activation code in the eLicenser Control Center. Please open the eLicenser Control Center under “Start–> Programs–> eLicenser–> eLicenser Control Center” for windows or under “GoTo–> Applications–> eLicenser” for mac. In the eLicenser Control Center please click on “Enter Activation Code” and follow the instructions. It is advisable to download or transfer the licenses to your USB- eLicenser.

3.Now the VST Instrument Sets will be available in your other products like for example HALion 4, HALion Sonic and HALion Sonic SE. HALion Sonic SE is included in Cubase 6 and Sequel 3 product families.

Here is one way to acces the new Instrument Set in Cubase:

You can add HALionSonic SE in the VST Instrument Rack under “Devices -> VST Instruments (F11)”. Now you can directly load the VST Instrument Set presets into the HALionSonic SE by using the internal load preset dialog of the HALionSonic SE.

  • Open your MediaBay (F5)
    Please check the following screenshot that illustrates this point:
  • Navigate to the VST Sound folder and click on it. Here you can check all your Steinberg content.
  • Choose a preset and drag it to the track list on the left side of the arrangement window.

This will create an Instrument Track with the respective VST Instrument and Preset loaded. Now you can see that your VST Instrument Set is for the respective VST Instrument that opened.
However, please be aware that we do recommend to use multitimbral instruments in conjunction with the “VST Instrument Rack” (F11). If the VST Instrument Set is for the HALionSonic SE for example, you should add HALionSonic SE in the VST Instrument Rack under “Devices -> VST Instruments (F11)”. Now you can drag the presets directly< to the soundslots of the HalionSonic SE. If you search for “multitimbral” in your Cubase operation operation manual you will get more information about how to use multitimbral instruments.

Store your license on an USB-eLicenser

You can transfer your license on to the USB- eLicenser or download it directly to this USB device.
The USB -eLicenser makes your product license portable so you can install the product anywhere you like. Once you connect the USB- eLicenser the license will be detected and the product will run.

Also if you change your harddisc and the hardware configuration changes your license will remain untouched and stable on the USB- eLicenser. The USB- eLicenser can be purchased here:
USB- eLicenser

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Great ;9

Will there be also a german version of this topic? would be great for our german users

Greetz Bassbase

The German Version “Probleme mit VST Instrument Sets lösen” can be found here:


Great now only if they sent me an activation code! No activation code was sent to me for Dark Planet, and I don’t see anywhere within “mysteinberg” account to request one.

Has this been solved by now? Usually, the activation code is sent with the order confirmation from our online shop provider Asknet.

I’ve bought the Vintage Classics for Retrologue but the presets are not shown.
Can’t find any solution. Anyone?

Frustrated about the trouble that seems to happen often when I buy Steinberg stuff.

Am i supposed to register the vintage classics set in “My Steinberg” account?
How do I do that without an activation code?

Steinberg, you’ve brilliantly made it again. I pay you and I’ve to make ton’s of research in order to get it working. At the moment I’ve bought a product called “nothing”. I thought it was 400 something of presets for Retrologue.

I have HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set and I have a DX7 keyboard that works with HALion Symphonic Orchestra VST Sound Instrument Set. I have Delta 1010LT sound card with midi and works nicely.
I found out my VST does not work with Cubase 5 so I am looking into upgrading to Cubase 7.

I bought the Vintage Classics instrument set as well. Asknet sent me a link to a download file (.exe) and when I ran that everything installed right where it is supposed to be. I opened up Retrologue and had a smile on my face for several hours as I played through the presets.

I need an old version of Hypersonic (Hypersonic 1.x) to acess songs recorded in SONAR 6 using that software. I don’t know why, but suddenly I couldn’t acess songs recorded in SONAR 6 because it happened an error (“no protection device connected”). I know what it means, but I don’t have anymore the original CD to reinstall. Can you help me?

Hi, JHP!
Thanks for your kind answer. I’ve followed you recomendations until a certain “digit activation code” made me stop: I don’t know what it is or how to obtain it. Is it possible solving the problem buying again a Hypersonic 1.x? If yes, how do I have to proceed?

Hi, I use Cubase Version 4.5.2 and recently downloaded the Urban VST Sound Loop Set. However due to the lack of experience with VST sets, I am not sure of how to use this after installation.
It’s installed in the ‘Steinberg->Content->VST Sound’ folder, as ‘VST Sound Loop Set Urban.vstsound’. And I’m not able to access it from the Mediabay browser, where I initially thought I would access the files.

Could someone please assist?

Best regards

No solution but as a newb, using Cubase 5, I am having the same problem with a Progressive House VST Sound Loop set purchased, downladed, installed and activated 2 days ago. In Media Bay under VST Sound , I can see the Progressive House folder and all the separate folders underneath but there are no loops or wavs in the subfolders. Hope we both get the help we need.

what if I registered the product first before I installed it could that be why it won’t install?

I’m having similar problems with Hypnotic Dance. I’d really like to purchase the full version, but I can’t even get the trial version working, so there’s no chance of that!

Problems are :-

I can’t access any of the sounds
Sound library is Empty and I’m using Cubase LE 5, so no Media Bay.
I can’t activate it, as I have no licence key
I’ve emailed Steinberg directly, but never had a response

I’m really thinking of discarding all of my Steinberg stuff and moving onto another DAW, as I seem to be spending all of my time trying to set things up than creating music!

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I think I have the same problem as above, I purchased Instrument Set Synthesizers for Cubase LE 5. At one time the new sounds appeared in my HalionOne VST, as I believe was correct. For some reason they have disappeared. I have uninstalled and reinstalled, and repair installed, but the sounds don’t reappear in my HalionOne. Is there maybe somewhere I should point my Plug In manager to find these sounds or move hsb files to VSTPlugin file, perhaps? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

having graphics problems esp w the midi editor on cubase artist 8.0.3 build 536 32 bit…( the 64 bit version is unusable for me) :laughing:
Graphics probs…
lines of numbers trail the cursor after changing from pointer to scissors tool…Midi editor plays a low C the entire time the edit window is open…Hey Steinberg how about letting me use 7.5 pro instead of this hot mess! i cant get any work done playing around with this product…I have to close the project window to clear it…in other words…restart cubase project…
annoying! file attached for screen shot

Win 8.1 intel i7 4G w 16G ram 1920X1200 ATI graphics…MOTU 2038mk3…

This is not a reply. I had issues with Windows 10 which had nothing to do with Steinberg Cubase. I installed Windows 7 and everything is good. My issues now, after installing Cubase Artist 9, I have VST Instruments Sets and Instrument Loop Sets I purchased which is listed on my elicenser and on My Steinberg account. How do I install my purchase’s in my daw?

Feature request for Steinberg Library Manager:

Extend the capabilities for the Steinberg Library Manager to other Steinberg products e.g.:
-Expansions for Retrologue / Prologue
-Squell sounds sets
-Cubase included libraries

Hi, thanks for your response. Following the link you gave me I’ve got at the moment everything downloaded in my Download folder as before. The difference is it is packed in one folder Steinberg/WIN64 etc. Still don’t know how to make it visible for Cubase.
Point 2 says about downloading and point 3 says about where I should find downloads. But I don’t.
Just to make it clear where I am:
Cubase 10.5 downloaded, installed and registered
VST4 downloaded - apps installed and registered, content downloaded and registered.
What should I do next, what to do with content in my Download folder? How to install it? Thank you