VST Instrument Sound Being Routed To Line Input Channel - Not Cool, How Do I Fix This???

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Help Please?

I’m not sure what I’ve done and I’m not sure when it started but something has resulted in all VST instrument outputs being routed to my input channels (line in from my interface).

To try and better explain: while recording the signal from my interface’s line inputs (e.g., mic’d guitar cabinet) I’ll want to be playing along with MIDI/VST instruments. The VST instrument output will be captured on the actively recording track along with whatever is coming into the input channels (in this example guitar from the mic’d cabinet). This didn’t happen before, so I have to assume it was my fault and Cubase not all the sudden becoming sentient and deciding to be a pain. I’ve attempted to capture this in these images. I wasn’t playing guitar while recording, but you can see the VST instrument output being captured in the input channels. Previously all that would be captured is the sound coming from the mic’d cabinet, no VST instrument:

The problem also occurs when not recording. If I play a note on my MIDI keyboard that is sent to a VST instrument, the resulting output sound is sent to the input channels.

My MIDI keyboard is not connected to my interface but via USB to my computer. Regardless, the problem is still present with the MIDI keyboard unplugged and not selected as an input device. Just playing back a MIDI file through a VST instrument still has the VST instrument’s output being routed to the Input Channels.

How is this happening? Any ideas? And more importantly, any ideas as to how to fix this?

Thanks in advance!

Figured it out.

Went to my interface (UR22mkII) control panel. Tried unchecking “Enable Loopback” option - see image.

Problem solved!

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I ran into the same problem with my new Steinberg UR44C on Cubase 11 / Windows 10.
The solution above was not avaible in the Yamaha-Steinberg USB-driver that came with the card. In that case: go to the Steinberg UR-C/dspFXURC (the app that you will find in the Start-menu) and uncheck Loop Back.

You can also acces this menu by using the Edit-button in the UR44C-tab in the inspector:

Hopefully this contribution might help other people.