Vst instruments and group tracks

How do I send VST instrument tracks to group tracks ? The menu option exists to set it up, but the vst instrument outputs dont get routed into them.
** actually If I select a bunch of vst tracks and route them to a group track that seems to work, the group track is created and the selected vst tracks are routed to them. The problem is that I cant see which vst tracks are routed to which group (like with an audio track) and I cant add new vst tracks to existing groups, how do I do that ?


You don’t see it in the Project window, where the Instrument is shown as an output. But you can see it in the MixConsole.

dont see it anywhere. With an audio track its pretty obvious, with a vst its nowhere to be seen


MixConsole > Routing panne.

I have faders, Inserts & sends (left side) no routing panel


Open the MixConsole window [F3], please.

Ah, I see it now, never used it before :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Its slightly confusing though, until I realised the selected track has a slightly different background colour, but its not highlighted particularly well. Thank you so much

You can adjust this somewhat in Preferences’ color settings.