VST Instruments and patch lists not loading into Cubase Pro 12

No VST instrument patch lists (except Groove Agent ONE) populate in Cubase.
(After selecting a Groove Agent patch, Groove Agent app window says “Missing sound archive…” so it doesn’t work either)
Library Manager shows all items available in subfolders of C:\ProgramData. I can confirm they are there.
However, I noticed the Location Trees in Cubase point to a different empty subfolder in C:\User.

Anyone know where to find the vstsound:\ directory? Or is it even valid?

I copied a .vstsound file into the empty folder and it still doesn’t show up in Cubase.
Snooping around the Default and ContentManager XML’s in the AppData directories shows references to C:\ProgramData location (mostly) with a few references to this mysterious vstsound:\ drive.

Addictive Drums works but it is not in the Library Manager and I have no idea where to find it.

I have a feeling this history is causing the mess:
I installed Cubase LE AI Elements 11 in Jan/22 with User “A”
I installed Cubase 12 Pro trial Sep/22 with User “A”
I purchased and activated Cubase 12 Pro with User “B” (a account dedicated to recording)