Vst instruments as rack

Hello, i am trying to use groove agent as a rack
Then i create midi track and route output to the groove agent
This way…i will not be able to use the midi track with insert, send ecc…
How do i proceed? render to audio?


Apply the plug-ins at the Audio Return Channel of the Instrument.

Of course not…
The instrument has an instrument return channel to use these tools.

can you help me in find the audio return in the instruments?


The channel is not present in the Project window as a track. You can see it in the VST Instruments folder. Or you can see it in the MixConsole.

in the project panel i have a folder VST INSTRUMENTS that contain another folder “Groove Agent” but there is no much i can do there
In the mixer i have a channel called MASTER, that seems to be related to the groove agent instruments.
i can insert fx in its strip channel…though i still not have control on their level
I explain what i am doing
Mixing a rock song,
i have several take of drum…all the instruments
I was told to trigger at least 3 track
So i convert kick, snare to midi/groove agent
I think it is best to have the vst instruments track, being only 3
By the way…what else i could trigger? Toms look complicated, , or may be there is a way to separate the different toms?