VST Instruments & External Plug-ins


I am currently using a Yamaha S90ES as an external plugin in Cubase 5. Within my project, I’m planning to record multiple midi tracks (half of the tracks using sounds from Cubase’s HalionOne VST and the other half my S90ES). However, Cubase will only allow me to create one midi track utilizing the audio from my S90ES. When I try to create a new instrument(midi) track for the S90ES, the option is not selectable and reads “External Plug-ins - Yamaha S90ES (Used).” With the HalionOne VST, I’m able to create as many midi instrument tracks as I want until my CPU can’t handle the processing. My question is, is it possible to set up my keyboard as an external plug-in and manage to use it’s sound bank like the HalionOne VST, utilizing various sounds over multiple tracks?

I’m using an EMU 0404 audio interface with both midi in & midi out cables.

Any other info, please let me know. Thanks in advance.

All the Best,

You only have one hardware device, which unlike a virtual plugin cannot be cloned. At least not yet. :wink:

Instantiate your device in the Instrument Rack and use multiple MIDI Tracks routed to it, instead of as an Instrument Track.