VST instruments have better performance in Vieanna Ensemble pro than in cubase

Why is VEP better performing than Cubase ? When I connect to VEP inside Cubase the same plugins ( Halion 7 ,Kontakt and U-he Diva ) works whitout performance peaks and MUCH lower CPU load . Plugins that I cant use in cubase because they make the CPU going crazy ( Cubase 11 , 12 and 13 ) like Pharlight in Kontakt 7 works absolute fine when contained in VEP via cubase in the same computer. Thats very weird ! And it is not a new problem since it is the problem is in C11, C12 and 13 . There must be fundamental problem in the Cubase engine ! I have tried different ASIO guards setting for VEP and so on , but no difference .

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I’m not an expert in this area, but my expectation is, that you are not comparing the plug-ins, but the whole system. So you are comparing Cubase (with tones of features and functions) against VE Pro. The plug-in itself is not the only part of the system, which is using the CPU as the host.

Btw, are you on Windows or Mac?

Thank you for the answer !
My point is that Cubase is networking with VEP in the same computer and using the the plugins ( kontakt , diva Halion ) hosted in VEP but played from Cubase . VEP is in other words a VST instance in Cubase . And when I play my plugins in from VEP there is a huge difference in CPU load compered to play the same plugin directtly in Cubase. So when I change a track in Cubase connected to VEP ( normal CPU load ) to a track connected to exactly the plugin hosted in Cubase the CPU load goes bananas .
And i dont have anything else in Cubase active . Just 2 tracks . One connected to VEP and one track to Cubase .

So having 2 programs ( Cubase + VEP ) running at the same time works better then only have Cubase running …

I have a Win 10 computer


Not really. Just the VE Pro “receiver” plug-in is an instance of Cubase. The VE Pro Server is running totally out of Cubase (which is its beauty), even on totally own thread. Thanks to this, you can run the VE Pro server independently on Cubase. So you can keep your instrument template loaded in the VE Pro and open (plus activate) multiple projects in Cubase. Thanks to the fact the VE Pro Server remains open with the very same template, the computer doesn’t load all the sample libraries again and again. So you can load multiple projects very fast.

I totally agree. And this is also the big benefit of using VE Pro as an externl VST instruments host.