VST Instruments Input and Outputs swapped?

Cubase 5 Midi Out Problem.jpg

I just reinstalled Cubase 5 after having had to reformat my hard drive, and I’ve updated the version 5.5.3. It’s been months since I have had time to record anything, so I was excited to start again tonight. However, as I tried loading a VST instrument and creating a MIDI track for it, it seems like I am not able to choose the VST instrument for the output. In fact, the VST instrument’s Midi Out shows up in the track’s drop down for the input, and the VST instrument’s Midi In shows up in the track’s drop down for the output. I’ve tried this with both Cubase VSTs as well as NI Battery 3, and in all cases, the ins and outs appear to be swapped.

The output of my midi keyboard is connected to the Midi 2 input of my RME Fireface UFX and I can see that the keyboard is triggering the VST. So, I am able to select the proper Input for the track (i.e. the keyboard via the RME UFX), but in the Output dropdown I am seeing only the VST Midi In as an option other than my UFX Midi outs. I have attached a screenshot which shows the options I can select from the Output for a track using the Monologue VST. As you can tell, Monologue - Midi In is showing rather than Monologue - Midi Out. You can also see that I am triggering Midi events if you look at the blue columns showing in the meter for the track.

I’m hoping I am simply doing something stupid here and that I am totally missing something straightforward, and if anyone can give me som advice, I would certainly appreciate it!

Hi. In your pic you have the MIDI input from your RME in to Cubase and then that is routed out to the MIDI input on the Monologue. I can see you are recieving MIDI and it also looks like an audio signal is being generated. It all looks fine but I’m confused to why you’d want to use a MIDI output for the Monologue or what your problem is? The only reason I can think of right now for using a MIDI out on a VST would be if you had a hardware controller that recieved MIDI messages bi-directionally. Or step sequencer or arp come to think of it.

Are you hearing a sound?

Smash - thanks for your reply. I got it to work just now. I created an Instrument track directly from the Project menu and selected the VST (Monologue) from there. Now, in the Output section, the VST is listed as “Monologue”. This makes sense. I also get a sound now.

I then went back and repeated what I was doing yesterday - I activated the VST instrument (again, Monologue) and then created a MIDI track upon being prompted to do so. This is where I was getting confused yesterday - in the Output section, only “Monologue - Midi In” is listed, and that makes no sense to me since this is an output. Anyway, I also got that to work today, so I think my biggest problem yesterday was that I somehow screwed something up in TotalMix, the RME interface for the UFX audio interface, and as a result I had no sounds…my bad. I should have checked that better.

I still find the “Monologue - Midi In” description strange when indeed it is an output for the VST in question, but maybe that’s just me :slight_smile:

Sorry for any confusion.

On a midi track you have an input and an output.

The input could be from your keyboard, i.e the midi in from your interface. The output from the midi track is then routed to the input of another device, say a vsti.

Hence the output box of the miditrack is connecting to an input of the vsti.

No confusion.

Thanks Split - that does make sense. I was thinking of it differently in that I assumed the output was coming from the VST rather than the output going into the VST. Thanks for clearing this up!

No worries, if you’re not used to the ins and outs of things it can be confusing, like a midi out should connect to another midi out, right? wrong… its always out to in :stuck_out_tongue: