VST Instruments - Missing Freeze Button in Inspector??

Quick question - on the Inspector for VST Instruments I am missing the Freeze button. I searched and in an old v7 thread it talked about this button not being present by default, but that it needed enabling in the Track Controls Settings. Despite this seeming to apply only to the controls that appear on the actual tracks, I tried it and the button failed to appear on the tracks??

The button is there in the Instrument Rack so I have been able to freeze, but would appreciate someone pointing out how to get the button on the Inspector tab. I’m sure I’m just missing something obvious.

Are you sure you aren’t trying to do this to a midi track rather than an instrument track?
Could you post a screenshot.

FWIW the freeze in inspector is always there, this is not user definable.

Adding it to the track list also works fine here.

You’ve got it!! Cheers.

When I created the VST Tracks I did it from the VST Rack, selecting Rack Instruments, it then asks if you want to create a MIDI track to go with the rack instrument - I assumed it had created a VST Instrument Track, rather than just a MIDI track - now I know!. If I create a new track (either directly in the Project Window or from the VST Instrument option in the rack) the freeze button appears just fine.

Thanks for putting me onto the solution.