Vst instruments notes going flat

Hi. I am a newbie to this forum , even though I have been using Cubase since SX3. In Cubase 10 if I use any of the Cubase Vst instruments (not Drum vst’s) I am finding that after putting some tracks down they are slowly but surely ending up about a 1/4 tone flat. I have checked that there are not continuous controllers changing this & have come up stuck. Today I used Halion SE for a bass patch; recorded the track with no problems at all & in pitch. I went back to it a few hours later & every note was out of tune by the same amount. I had an acoustic guitar audio track which stayed fine as expected. I added the same bass sound to Halion on Halion 's second slot & when changing bass track on the fly to midi track 2 (on Inspector) it was in tune. Back to midi channel 1 (& slot 1) and out of tune again- therefore midi data was correct. This has happened on all other standard bundled Cubase 10 Vst’s as well ; but I don’t have the luxury of the other sound slots to compare. I have never struck this problem before. Has anybody had this issue? Sorry for the extra info :slight_smile:

Hi and welcome,

Is the Channel 1 selected and record enabled? Could you try to send out PitchBend 0? Or could you check HALion Sonic SE GUI,if the PitchBend controller is out of centre? I would like to know, if the shift is caused by PitchBend (then we can investigate where does it come from) or something different.

Hi Martin, Thank you for your response. It still faults if Channel is selected or not, or record enabled or not. I can record & send out pitchbend but I’m not sure where to find the Pitchbend controller on Halion GUI.
I have just started my project this morning & bass was back in tune. However, after playing the section 3-4 times the pitch started dropping in real time until it stays flat. When I move to slot 2 (& midi 2) I can get it to detune as well. Randomly 3 or 4 notes notes are fine & then down she goes. As I mentioned yesterday; I have noticed it doing this on Padshop & Prolouge. A few weeks ago I had to adjust tuning via GUI on Padshop by ear so I could finish a project off. Off memory, one of the Vst’s eventually detuned itself by about 1 & a 1/4 steps. Regards Jason


Please, make sure the virtual keyboard is displayed in the HALion Sonic SE. Then the PitchBend wheel is displayed on the left side from the keyboard.

Ha. Yes,right in front of my nose. Yes, everything looks correct. I just made a midi channel only & its output was to midi 3 of the Halion SE where I put another instance of the bass track. Again this was succesful for about 5 minutes & then detuned.


Was it track 3 with Channel 1 or was it Channel 1? As far as I know, HALion Sonic shows the data for Channel 1 only on the virtual keyboard.

You could also try to add MIDI Monitor MIDI Insert and check, if PitchBend data has been sent.

It was on channel 1 & I added the midi monitor. I had previously also deleted all controllers & continuous controllers. Funny thing is that today I have no tuning problems & all songs with the Vst bass guitar on have not faulted all day. That is weird as nothing has changed from what I have been doing. I left a track on loop while I went out for 20 mins & still just as good as when I left it. I will check again tomorrow morning. Thanx Martin. Jason :slight_smile:

Hi Martin,
I have found the problem thanx to you. My M-Audio midi keyboard is somehow sending pitch bend info to the vst instrument. I think it may be old & faulting while playing or sending messages still after recording is done. When I went on to Halion player the pitchbend is down very slightly & alt clicking the pitchbend wheel on GUI moves it to centre & back to normal pitch. My other big stand alone keyboard (using midi out) is not faulting so I am conviced that M-Audio is sick. I am using the USB out on M-Audio so this could also be faulting, but not sure how to test this. I Aprreciate your time. All the best, Jason