Vst instruments tree always expanded when i open cubase

Every time i open cubase and press F11 to add an instruments or choose from the Rack, the VSTi tree is expanded and i have to click the (- )to collapse the tree
i test it with cubase 10.5.20 and cubase 11, same problem.

iam on OS Mojave

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This is known and already reported issue. Thank you.

Well how is that helpful. First I’m using Cubase 10.5.30 which will be the last version, so no fix there.
Second I have the same version of Cubase on two computers. This problem is only on one system so clearly there is a reason (work around).
Instead of this is a known issue how about how we stop this this from happening on all systems.


Sorry, I didn’t know, this happens on one of your systems only. You didn’t mention this. And I was under the impression (obviously wrong), this is a generic issue. Therefore I shared this information.

Could you try in Cubase Safe Start Mode [Disable preferences], please?

The original post was not me. Yes the preferences, good idea. I will try and report back. Thank you for the idea.

Nope, have cleared prefs and even reinstalled cubase. No joy.
Additional information, Works correctly in cubase 10.5.0 up to 10.5.12
Tree always expanded when opened in 10.5.20 and 10.5.30.


Actually for me it’s mystery, that you cannot reproduce it on the other system. Because as I said, I really believe, this is how it works – it is expanded, once you open the window.

What, so you believe both my systems should be broken not just one? Hmm


No, my expectation is, your system, where you see the VST Instruments collapsed, is “broken”.

Smells like something related to the installation folders, or vst plugin list customization, plugin names, preferences… maybe a plugin hanging out on the root or in a subfolder differently in each system…

Try checking if the installation of plugins are all the same in both systems, maybe you can identify some plugin name (length? special character?) or so, which may be causing the issue. I’d check the custom folder settings, organize by vendor and other preferences related to the plugin lists, to try to find some clue… this looks more like a preference or natural behavior being triggered for some reason, than an actual bug?

Thanks, yes seems to make sense. One thing that gets me though. It’s all good with Cubase 10,5,10 but as soon as I go 10.5.20 (same plug-in setup) stays open. Thanks for your input.

hey man, i also have this problem since a few weeks…

i have too many plugins installed so i cant go through everything to see what might cause the problem, specially on a critical system (ie work).

i weak work around that works a little bit for me is to rename a vsti that you dont use a lot and call it _______________.dll (on windows, i dont think this works on mac)

You can drag this _____________.dll plugin in your vsti list where you want a divider.
This help A LITTLE.


Isn’t it better to prepare custom collection and use the folders and the sub-folders to structure the list properly?

Hi Martin,

the problem for us is this:

vsti folders ALWAYS show up unfolded/expanded.
Until this is fixed, or when i find out what is wrong, i have no better idea.
Would love to have a folder structure, ofcourse :slight_smile:

It does work normally with FX, but not with VSTi folders…see above this thread

CB 11.x latest update

Same issue here (Pro 11.0.30). I always have to use the “-” button.

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Hi, if you ever get to the bottom of why let me know. I never got a helpful answer from Steinberg.

Same bug here on Windows 10! Also with all insterts and VST instruments =( So @Martin.Jirsak it’s still don’t fixed?

Happening to me too. It works here and there though. I figured there might be a preference to keep all of the folders closed, but there wasn’t. This is a big workflow problem if one has lots of VSTi.

I would love to see this behaviour changed. It’s a minor issue, I know, but over time it becomes annoying to have to collapse the tree in order to start browsing for what you are actually looking for.

2023 Cubase 12 and this issue is still not fixed. How many years do we have to wait for Steinberg to address this?