VST instruments volume drop

Using Cubase Elements II, I used my Akai MPK49 to record a drum track with Halion Sonic SE, recorded a bass track with the same, then unplugged the Akai to plug in M-Audio interface to record 2 separate guitar tracks.
I then unplugged the M-Audio and replugged the Akai to fine tune the drums and bass - drum volume suddenly at minimum (tracks still there), and I physically saw and heard the bass volume drop to minimum as soon as I selected that channel.
Guitar channels are fine.
I compared the Studio Setup and Audio Connection settings to another song where I can still hear the drums and bass - they are the same.
What happened? Where else can I check volume control?
The confusing thing is - there is volume - just minimum with the mix console volumes all the way up.

Thank you for your help.

Hi and welcome to the forum,

Does any of the MIDI controller sends MIDI CC7 or MIDI CC11?

It sounds like a controller. I have a keyboard with a slider that was programmed on the keyboard for cc7. I noticed tracks kept dropping in volume and it was this slider. I actually use the slider for metronome volume so on the keyboard I changed cc to an unused one and I also then filtered out the new cc. It seems my keyboard was sending updates on the slider position every so often. Leaving my slider at full all the time also worked but I wanted to use it. That’s why I made the changes I did.

Thank you for your responses.
Okay, I don’t know what is CC7 or CC11.
I’m a guitarist, but I have read a lot on the digital studio. If you could tell me what is this CC7/11, I will find it and see.
I do know that I haven’t programmed the Akai to do anything in Cubase.
I am waiting for when I do a final mix.
And, I did play with the sliders - that didn’t change anything, but there are more knobs I can spin around. However, I felt silly doing it, as I have been recording and plugging and unplugging the Akai and haven’t had any problems.
I will also test this with some other song files I have started.
Right now I have work, so I won’t be able to get back to the “studio” until Sunday or Monday.
Thanks again. I will check in and report, latest - Monday.


  • MIDI CC7 is the Volume MIDI Controller. You control the volume of the track.
  • MIDI CC11 is the Expression MIDI Controller. You control the expression (like a player, or like the Expression pedal for guitarist).

By both of them, you can change the volume of the track.

I’m a drummer but it still pays to learn about midi :wink: