VST instruments won't play

I can t get any VST instruments to play.
Using Cubase LE5 with a Tascam US1800 interface…all audio works fine.
I have instrument track selected, output to HALionOne (or any other) on a preset,
turned on, input selected to all midi or US1800, record enabled, monitor on.
I m using a midi keyboard controller thru the US1800 interface.
I can see midi in activity on the transport bar, but no midi activity on the HALionOne editor,
and no output to the mixer. Even when I use the virtual keyboard it wont play.
Am I missing an output somewhere…What am I doing wrong?

Try opening the midi editor (double click on the track) and draw some notes in, does it play then?

It’s working now…I had cubase le5 already started & then turned on the interface…now I turn on the keyboard, the interface and then start cubase…hope it wasn’t a fluke.