VST Instruments

Does Dorico First Version, have the ability to implement VST Instruments like Cubase does Or just as easily?

I have NI - EWQLSI Instruments Platinum Plus, & Symphonic Choirs & others!


I asked the same question, and was told the answer is 'ye’s, but the user will have to set up a playback facility rather different from that of Sibelius. Once set up this facility can be re-used as desired.

Thanks Derek,

Without the details it is near impossible to know how easy/difficult that may be?

The Sibelius ’ Soundset ’ system (I purchased separately) I never could figure out!


Read this earlier thread for more information:


Thank-you all & again Daniel is once again fantastic at responding & informing in a timely manner also!

My problem is, that I am getting on in years and redoing things in a new program with added difficulties to master, such as easily implementing these various non-Steinberg VST Instruments, is something perhaps not the way for me to go/change?

Thanks again for your responses everyone!

I’m hopeful that over time there will be resources developed for the major libraries (either by us, or the libraries’ manufacturers, or by enterprising users) that will make setting up the required playback templates a bit easier for folks who haven’t got the time or inclination to really learn how their libraries work – but I would caution that you basically can’t get the best out of these libraries unless you do invest the time and effort to understand how to play them in order to make them sound great. In a way it’s like learning any other musical instrument: you can’t just pick up a real violin and suddenly sound like Anne Sophie Mutter on the first day, and nor can you install a huge sound library and suddenly be able to sound like an 80-piece symphony orchestra.